Your Calling

Your Calling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God made it clear that Jeremiah was being given a ministry He had designed. The messages he delivered were not matters of personal opinion or preference. He simply was God’s messenger. In fact, God shaped his personality, gave him the words to speak, and told him when and where to speak.

This focus and dedication are different from the way many people approach their careers. Biographies from all generations reveal that a typical path starts with personal interests and beliefs and continues with goals and desires.

Throughout his ministry, Jeremiah was accused of having personal motivations. He was criticized for opinions contrary to what seemed popular and for advocating actions that did not seem beneficial to the Jews.

But Jeremiah knew that he was being God’s messenger. In reality, his personal opinions didn’t matter. His mission was to speak the words that God gave him, regardless of his feelings, the circumstances he faced, or the opinions of other people. His task was to be sensitive to God, to obey His call, to declare His message, and to trust the results to Him.

Seek to be faithful to the ministry God has given you in your life, no matter what others say. Be a faithful steward of the resources you have been given. Faithfully complete every assignment. Seek to be sensitive to His Spirit, do His will, and speak His messages. Strive to live for Him in all that you do.