Your Calling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Moses had become overwhelmed. Weary with his responsibilities. Dealing with complaints. God lightened his burdens by calling 70 men to help him. He gave them a special anointing, imparting some of the Spirit that had been on Moses. As a result, these men prophesied. But, demonstrating their limits, they never prophesied again.

Moses may have felt his burdens lifting, but new problems began to emerge.

Soon after these elders were called, Korah and his colleagues rebelled against Moses and asserted their own right to lead Israel. They had to be reminded that God had called Moses to leadership, and they were called to support him. God sent a supernatural judgment against them.

Then Moses’ own brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, challenged him for leadership. They had seen his flaws and felt that they deserved to be leaders. But they, too, experienced God’s judgment.

Through these rebellions, we see a powerful reminder of why it is important to focus on the assignments we have been given, and not covet the gifts He has given to others, or their calling. As the Bible makes clear, God has a special calling for each person.

Each of us has a unique position within the Body of Christ (Romans 12:4-6). Our responsibility is to fulfill His call, and serve Him faithfully. We must avoid a spirit of comparison and competition, and not crave tasks to which we are not called.

Today, focus on God’s call for you. Use the gifts He has given you. Submit your life to Him. Seek to serve Him. And be faithful to fulfill your unique destiny.