Those Who Know God

Those Who Know God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Writing this psalm, Asaph reflected on how life was different for those who know God. Aware of His presence, they can be filled with worship and praise, with peace and confidence. They can experience His presence as they face every challenge and realize that He defended them against their enemies and shielded them when they were attacked.

His people knew just how great He was. He provided light for them, showing them the way. Their adversaries might have seemed invincible, but God knew their weaknesses. When He spoke, they were reduced to nothing. Their weapons had no impact. He silenced their attacks.

Those who did not know God had reason to be afraid. But His people could be confident because of their relationship with Him. “It is you alone who are to be feared” (v. 7).

He ended disputes and the land “was quiet” when He “rose up to judge” (vs. 8-9). Those who don’t know God may focus on the reputation and temporary powers of armies, popularity, and human resources. But His people trust Him, realizing that He is worthy of all praise.

As you face life’s challenges, remember these truths. Renew your relationship with God. Seek Him anew. Be renewed by His Word. Don’t give in to fear or worry but trust Him, confident that He is with you. Let Him guide and defend you and give you victory.