Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Many attempts have been made to understand why people are so attracted to rumors and gossip. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, one sociologist concluded that rumors multiply “when the demand for news is greater than is the supply provided through institutional channels.”

Rumors begin to circulate when events don’t seem to follow what normally might be expected. They often are inspired “during states of boredom” as rumors “capitalize on minor events, magnifying them into occasions for exciting collective action.”

Rumors are shared most rapidly “among friends, associates, and peers.” Studies have shown that people often can be motivated to start rumors to improve their own positions and that the person who first spreads a rumor can earn perceived prestige.

These may be common patterns in the world, but the Bible warns against these tendencies. Proverbs warns us not to associate “with him who talks too freely” because they aren’t trustworthy; they lack discernment and discretion. We also are warned, “a talebearer reveals secrets.”

Still, many Christians cannot control their words. Because of the rumor mill, many churches, families, businesses, and friendships have been damaged, some beyond repair. The Bible reminds us that our words are a serious matter. Ask God to help prevent you from being a talebearer. Ask Him for discernment and discipline to help you control your words. Don’t start, spread, or even listen to rumors!