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Hildegard of Bingen was a talented poet and composer, writing music still performed today. Born to noble parents in 1098 in present-day Germany, she developed a deep, personal relationship with God and dedicated her life to serving Him. Even as a child, she was known to have received visions whose messages were confirmed when submitted to spiritual authorities. In one of her visions, she recorded receiving insights about the importance of praise specifically associated with Psalm 150.

Describing her insights, she wrote, “In these words, we are instructed about the interior life through exterior things.” Instead of bottling up our thoughts and feelings, we should “direct them as much as possible toward the praises of the Creator,” both in instrumental music and music with words.

She wrote, “Consider carefully that just as the body of Christ was born of the Holy Spirit … just so is the song of praise according to the heavenly music radiated by the Holy Spirit in the church.” She encouraged people to remember “the body is truly the garment of the soul, which has a living voice.” It is fitting for our souls constantly “to sing praises to God through the voice.” Praise is central to the life of every believer. The Bible commands us to praise the Lord. Join with David and the angelic hosts to praise His name. Lift up your voice and give thanks. He is worthy!