Practical Proof

Practical Proof

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God was not pleased with His people. They had violated His laws, yet claimed to have changed. Should He believe them? He knew that they had made similar promises before and failed to keep them. How were they to demonstrate that they really had changed? By the things that they did.

They were to do the right thing and avoid oppressing others. They were not to “walk after other gods” (v. 6) or “steal, murder, commit adultery, swear falsely” (v. 8). God’s most serious complaint was that they dared to stand before Him and say, “[By the discharge of this religious formality] we are set free! – only to go on with this wickedness and these abominations” (v. 10 AMPC). But religious formality wasn’t adequate. They needed to abandon their wicked ways.

They might have justified their actions, but He reminded them that His Word still was the only standard that mattered. He promised blessings if they made real changes, but their own actions had convicted them.

Ultimately, this measure applies to us as well. Do we take His Word seriously? Do we want His blessings?  The Bible confirms that He is ready to bless us. He looks deep into our hearts to examine our true motives. But He also looks at our lives. What messages are we sending by our words and actions? Ask God to help you live according to His principles. Seek to be a faithful witness.