Passion for Souls

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Today, Father Dyer Peak rises majestically above Summit County, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains. It was named for John Lewis Dyer. Later in his life, he was given the nickname “father,” because of his concern for people.

But Dyer was not always a man who showed this concern. In his youth, he was known for being rough, fighting in the military, working in mines, and laboring as a rugged farmhand. Yet his life changed when he had a dramatic encounter with Jesus while deep in a mineshaft. He was never the same.

In 1861, he left his home in Wisconsin to join a caravan of those seeking gold in the Rockies. Among the few possessions he brought were a Bible and a hymnal. Along the way, he looked for opportunities to share the Gospel. This passion continued after he reached Colorado. He traveled continuously, preaching in barns and saloons, mines and homes, even traveling in subzero temperatures and through snow drifts.

Dyer’s boldness and determination became legendary. He was unafraid to stand up to ridicule, even among the most hostile crowds. They could argue with him, but he proved the reality of his faith with a life of compassion and commitment.

Dyer had the same kind of passion for the Lost that had inspired Paul: a passion to go anywhere, to tackle any adversity, and to endure any trial—all for the sake of the Gospel.

Ask God to give you a greater passion for Souls. Be ready and willing to serve Him, wherever He may call you. Seek first His Kingdom!