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In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did whatever seemed right to him. Judges 21:25 CSB

In many ways, modern life can be seen as a war waged by opinion polls. These surveys measure how people view various subjects. When a recent study examined some prominent polls, they found that some methodologies were more accurate than others were. Some results were misleading.

Since there are countless ways to conduct research, there can seem to be a constant variety of conclusions. In fact, results can differ based on the way polls are designed. Asking certain kinds of question can yield one result, while other questions can yield different results. Politicians often cling to polls to help them decide what to do, but also as weapons against their adversaries.

In many ways, polls reflect the fickle ways people look at life. Opinions can change based on the circumstances at the time, or whether a policy seems to work.

These patterns are similar to life in Israel during the time of the judges. Once that nation had been governed by standards provided by God. However, gradually Israel became a nation in which everyone did “whatever” he wanted. The issues were like popularity contests or opinion polls.

These patterns continued throughout history and are evident today. Even God’s people assume they can do “whatever” they want, based on what seems acceptable.

The Bible reminds us that disaster awaits any people who reject God’s laws, go their own way, and do “whatever” they want.


Father, help me to stay obedient to Your Word. I submit to You. Help me live by Your standards. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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