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Open My Spiritual Eyes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Franz Liszt took nineteenth-century Europe by storm with his magnetic personality and galvanizing technique as a pianist. In 1855, he was the soloist for the debut of his Piano Concerto No. 1 in Vienna, Austria, amazing audiences with his playing and compositional skills.

But Eduard Hanslick, the powerful critic who ruled the city’s musical life, was shocked, banning the concerto from Vienna’s concert halls. Why was he so upset? Because Liszt dared to incorporate a triangle in this concerto.

It seems that prior to Liszt, no one had thought of using “so trivial an instrument” in a “serious” work like this. Yet, a few years later, Sophie Mentor played the concerto – including the triangle – in Vienna with great success. Hanslick’s objections were soon forgotten.

To us, Hanslick’s attitude seems laughable. But his words demonstrate how quickly fashions can change. What seems offensive one day can seem normal the next. We can be blinded by our own stubborn resistance to change.

In our spiritual lives, each of us can become so blinded by our preconceived ideas that we are resistant to things God wants to teach us. As you think about the new year, remember that God knows your future. Lay your plans and thoughts before Him. Seek His wisdom. Allow Him to give you discernment and teach you His truths. Don’t trust in your own understanding, but lean on Him. He will direct your path.