Open Eyes

Open Eyes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

From in his hometown near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Johannes Vermeer watched as ships sailed into and out of the North Sea. Baptized on this day in 1632, he also heard sailors and merchants tell stories about new lands.

Around 1668, reflecting this interest in exploration, Vermeer completed a masterpiece, a painting called The Geographer. A man with a compass in hand stares out the window. Light floods the room, symbolizing the new possibilities that were changing their worldview.

Open before the geographer is what seems to be a map. Documents lie on the floor. A sea chart hangs on the wall. A globe turned toward the Indian Ocean, waters important for Dutch navigators, sits atop a cabinet.

Like many in his time, Vermeer was looking at the world in a new way. He was fascinated by the prospect of new discoveries.

Just as Vermeer’s geographer looks out anew on a world fresh with potential, today the world lies open before us. But to grasp this potential, we need spiritual discernment. As Jesus taught, we need God’s vision to see masses of hurting people who are dying without the Gospel.

We also need to realize that God has given us revolutionary resources that can touch more people and reach the world. Seek to do your part for the “fields are white for harvest.” Dedicate your life to serving God and reaching souls with the Gospel.