Open Eyes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Joseph Ives, a solder in the U.S. Army, was part of a team that conducted the first official exploration of the Grand Canyon. In fact, in 1830, Ives and geologist, John Newberry, were the first white men to stand at the bottom of the canyon.

Today, this breathtaking place attracts millions of admiring visitors every year. But, to Ives, there was nothing special or memorable about the canyon. He commented, “The region is altogether valueless.” In fact, he described the place as “profitless” and expected that they would be the last people to visit there. His eyes were not opened to the beauty that, over many years, has dazzled so many visitors.

Many people have the same kind of reaction to other aspects of God’s creation. In fact, others react this way to God Himself, His Word, and the Christian life. To them, church is just a religious ritual, a tradition. They have no excitement or anticipation when reading the Bible. Their prayers are just formal repetitions, or phrases spoken out of tradition on specials occasions.

It is not surprising that people like this do not experience the full riches of God’s designs and plans. They are blind to the many blessings that He wants to give us. They never develop an intimate, personal relationship with Him. They never experience His miracle-working power in their lives or the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

In your life, don’t be content with a status quo faith, or just go through the motions. Ask God to open your eyes. Hunger and thirst for more of Him. Seek to have a passion for His Word. Believe that God’s Promises are true for you. Seek His power and don’t doubt. Spend time in intimate fellowship with Him. Let Him speak to you and reveal more of His truth to you.