More Than Enough

More Than Enough

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

After being given his share of the family estate, this “prodigal son” wasted everything, squandering what he had been given.

Although the father may have been disappointed by these actions, it seems clear that he never stopped loving his son. And, in spite of the son’s waste, the father’s resources never were diminished. When the son repented and returned home, his father still could lavish him with gifts. When the son came “to his senses,” he realized that even his father’s servants had “more than enough bread.”

In this parable, the son could represent anyone who has been “lost” and needs to be restored. But, in fact, he represents all of us.

The father represents God. Through this parable we imagine how much it pains Him to watch when we waste His blessings. Squander opportunities. Fail to receive all that He has prepared for us. But His resources never diminish. He always has more than enough. He always can do all things.

Jesus told this story so we might understand how much our Father loves us. That He has unlimited resources. That, even if we fail Him and waste the resources He has given us, He is willing to forgive us and give us more. He remains ready to bless us from the bounty of His bottomless storehouse of blessings.

Today, no matter what you have done, God stands ready to forgive your sins and welcome you “home.” He is ready to bless you out of His abundance. He truly has more than enough. More than enough power and wisdom. Resources and supplies. Joy and peace. And He loves you!

Humble yourself before Him. Praise and worship Him. Seek Him. Trust Him. You can never exhaust His inexhaustible supply.