Joy Bells Are Ringing

Joy Bells Are Ringing

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

While serving as a schoolteacher, Nils Frykman’s life changed. Impacted by revivals that swept his native Sweden during the 1860s, he became totally committed to the Gospel, putting everything else aside to preach and compose hymns. When Sweden’s state church would not sanction his efforts, he moved to America to continue his ministry.

In 1881, overwhelmed by the Christmas message, Frykman wrote a hymn we know as “Joy Bells are Ringing” (from the English translation by E. Gustav Johnson).

He reminded believers that Christmas is a time of joy, as the bells ring out the “tidings of Jesus’ birth” and “gladness is streaming out over all the earth.” It is a time of hope as Jesus came “to dispel all fears.” And the angels urged the shepherds to hail “the newborn King!”

His hymn reminds us of the message of joy. Jesus is the light of the world!

Today, you can join the “jubilation peoples and nations” to celebrate this message. Sing His praises. Join with the angels. Celebrate the message they announced to the shepherds. Jesus has come!

Don’t let any problems or worries stamp out that joy! And don’t hide your light, but brightly shine your testimony for all to see. Let the joy bells ring out the Good News! In the words of Nils Frykman, thanks to Jesus, we can “banish all sadness” and be filled “with gladness.”