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If God Wills

by Inspiration Ministries
"On taking leave of them he said, 'I will return to you if God wills,' and he set sail from Ephesus." – Acts 18:21 ESV

Having spent years as a minister of the Gospel, Paul had reason to be confident in his relationship with God. He gained a clear idea of how to follow His leading. He understood where God wanted him to go and what He wanted him to do.

But while visiting believers in Ephesus, he admitted that he did not always understand God’s will. The future could be somewhat fuzzy, even for this mighty servant.

As he told these Christians, he desired to visit the Ephesians again. But he knew that the final decision was not his, but God’s. He made it clear that he would submit to whatever God willed. God’s will was more important than Paul’s plans or desires.

Paul was demonstrating how he lived. Consistent with his understanding of the ministry God had given him, he would move forward. He prayerfully laid out his plans and then did what he felt was the right thing.

Yet he also knew that at any time God could have other ideas. So Paul always had to be sensitive to His leading – ready to change course as He directed, even if he felt confident and was doing what, in his flesh, he thought was the right thing to do.

Ask God to help you understand His plan for you, to guide you on the next steps on your journey. Always commit your plans to Him. Always be ready to do His will.


Father, I seek Your will for my life. I submit my plans to You. Guide me. Lead me. Direct my steps. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Acts 18
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