God’s Plans

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Babylonians were among the most powerful peoples on earth. In their march toward world domination, they overwhelmed nation after nation. Their campaign inevitably led them into a confrontation with Judah, and Babylon emerged victorious.

On the surface, it appears that Judah simply had been another victim. But the Bible gives us another perspective. They were not just defeated by the Babylonians. The Bible says God “gave” Judah into their hands.

The Hebrew word here translated “gave” is an important word in Daniel, repeated four times in this chapter alone. For example, it was used to describe how food was to be “given” (vs. 12, 16-17).

This word demonstrates just how God’s people came to be under the control of the Babylonians. This was part of God’s design. His plan. He “gave” them to the Babylonians just as Daniel was given food to eat. We see how He used Babylon to accomplish His purposes, and communicate important messages to His people.

Today, as in the days of Daniel, God still is sovereign. He is sovereign over His own people, wherever they are. And He is sovereign even over His enemies and those who don’t know Him. Our eyes may focus on nations, businesses, and powerful individuals. We may think about them just as those in Daniel’s time looked at Babylon.

But, if we want to be spiritually discerning, we will remember that God still works behind the scenes. To teach and correct. To communicate. To accomplish His purposes.

In your life, remember that God is sovereign, not only about your life but also the events in the world. Look to Him. Trust Him. Serve Him.