Family Infighting

Family Infighting

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Luke pinpoints Jesus’ birth from the moment Caesar Augustus called for a census. This began a chain of events that led Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. But what of Augustus? When Jesus was born, how was he occupying his time?

Ironically, Augustus largely was consumed with family squabbles and political infighting. Augustus had a complicated relationship with Tiberius, his stepson. A few years earlier, Augustus had forced Tiberius to divorce his wife (whom he loved) to marry Augustus’ daughter Julia (whom he came to hate).

The irritations mounted after Augustus assigned Tiberius the task of settling unrest in Armenia. He shocked Augustus (and the Roman hierarchy) by announcing that he was “weary” and would retire. When his desires weren’t immediately approved, he went on a hunger strike until Augustus finally relented so Tiberius could retire to the island of Rhodes.

In the words of Roman historian Suetonius, at the prime of his life, Tiberius was withdrawing “as far as possible from the center of the stage.” Ironically, after Augustus’s death, Tiberius succeeded his stepfather as Caesar. While these men were worried about power, prestige, and personal promotions, Jesus was born in far-off Bethlehem. His humble birth demonstrates that God is not caught up in worldly politics or control. Greatness comes through faithfulness and humility. His plans are more important than all the world’s crafty schemes.

Today, choose to serve Jesus! He never will disappoint you!