Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

As Ezra returned from exile in Babylon, he demonstrated how he had resolved to serve God and determined to live according to the standards in His Word. But when he entered Jerusalem, he was shocked to learn how many of his fellow Israelites had given in to compromise. They even were defying God’s Word.

Ezra was different. He was dedicated to God. To Ezra, nothing was more important than seeking and pleasing Him. The actions of these Israelites were not justifiable. They were being unfaithful.

So he called everyone to return to a pure faith and reject compromise, even, if necessary, putting aside the foreign wives and children of mixed marriages. Ezra knew that if a compromise was tolerated, the people inevitably would continue in sin and turn further away from God.

All of us can be pressured to compromise. When facing the weight of popular opinion, we can conform to the world around us and justify any action. Unless we make a firm commitment to God, we easily can yield to sin and compromise our standards.

Ask God to search your heart and open your eyes that you may see ways you may have allowed the world to shape your thoughts. Rededicate your life to obey and please Him. Read and study His Word. Make it your standard. Don’t tolerate compromise. Serve Him with a whole heart and a faith of total commitment.