Faithful, Fearing God

Faithful, Fearing God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Backed with authority from Persia’s ruler, Nehemiah seemed fully equipped to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. Nonetheless, he encountered strong opposition from men who resisted this project. Many mocked the Jews and spread confusion and discouragement.

To accomplish this assignment, Nehemiah needed people who could share his commitment – spiritually mature people with organizational and building skills, men willing to persevere in the face of opposition who could be trusted and lead by example. Hanani and Hananiah were two of these men.

Hanani had a passion for God. His testimony about conditions in Jerusalem inspired Nehemiah to tackle this wall-building project. Hananiah demonstrated that he was faithful and trustworthy. After the wall was rebuilt, these men were rewarded for their faithfulness by being appointed to leadership in Jerusalem.

How does your life measure up to these standards? Ask God to help you be faithful and trustworthy. Fear Him and have a passion to serve Him. Take your commitments seriously.

Demonstrate that you can be trusted. If you face obstacles, don’t be discouraged but stay focused. Ask God to give you boldness and discernment. And seek to be a good example to others.