Driven to Seek God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Israelites who returned to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon had many reasons to fear those who lived in the land. In fact, they were “terrified.” This fear could have paralyzed them. But instead, it seemed to drive them to seek God. To cry out for His wisdom, favor, and help.

One of their first actions was to set up an altar. Here they sought God. And, even though they had limited resources, they made offerings to Him. They made these offerings continually, morning and evening, demonstrating their commitment and their priorities. These offerings proved that they depended on Him and would not give in to fear or worry.

They also made a radical commitment to keep the Law. To do everything according to His Word. To celebrate every festival and special day. They dedicated their resources to God so His work could go on. And, because of this dedication, God met their needs, protected them, and blessed their efforts.

The Bible promises that God does not want us living in fear or worry. Instead, He wants us to commit our lives to Him. To obey Him and His Word. To seek Him and His Kingdom. To be faithful to Him in every situation. To serve Him openly and boldly.

Today, make a wholehearted commitment to God. Show that you trust Him with your entire being. Do not just give the minimum but dedicate everything to Him. Make real offerings to God. Real sacrifices. Offerings that prove that you trust Him. That you will not be dominated by fear or worry.

Stand for God and serve Him! Be bold and trust your life to Him!