Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Moses often had spoken with God. He meant what He said, and some things could not be negotiated. But Moses seemed to forget these facts when the Israelites complained about lacking water.

God directed him to “speak to the rock.” Instead, Moses “struck the rock twice with his rod” (Numbers 20:8-12). To God, this was disobedience and could not be justified. As a result, he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. Moses argued with God, hoping He would change his mind. But when he kept arguing, God became angry and told him to stop.

Throughout his life, Moses had many honest conversations with God. He knew God could be forgiving. But this was different. Moses had violated His command and had to reap what he had sown. It was time to face the consequences of his actions and move on.

The Bible makes clear that God wants us to be bold and persistent in prayer. We are to be like the widow who bothered “an unrighteous judge” until he gave in (Luke 18:1-8), or like Jacob who wrestled with God (Genesis 32:24-30). But we also must realize that He is Almighty God. His Word is final, and some things are not subject to debate.

Be sure you know God’s Word. Remember, your actions have consequences. And He means what He says. Learn from Moses’ experience: You will reap what you sow.