Confirmation of Purpose

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The magi had traveled hundreds of miles because of unusual events in the sky. The appearance of a special star indicated that something unprecedented was taking place – a special king had been born. They were so convinced that they traveled hundreds of miles to worship that king.

The star led them to Jerusalem. But there they did not receive the kind of welcome they might have anticipated. In fact, they arrived “unexpectedly,” as if no one there could confirm the purpose for their journey (v.1). And no one else shared their excitement or commitment. Did the star not announce the birth of a king?

King Herod finally reported that they should travel to Bethlehem, “search carefully,” and report back (v. 8). Before that moment, they might have been wondering if their journey had been in vain. Then they saw the “star they had seen in the east” (v. 9).

In that moment, they were “overjoyed beyond measure” (v. 10). It was a moment of relief and confirmation, proving they were on the right track. They would see the King they believed had been born.

In our journey, each of us faces moments like this when we are called to step out in faith and follow a star. Seek to stay sensitive to the Spirit. Study the signs and seek God, seeking confirmation about His leading. As you obey, you can understand the joy of confirmation felt by these magi.