Conceived by the Spirit

Conceived by the Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

When he learned that Mary was pregnant, Joseph could have reacted in many ways. He could have been angry, afraid, or worried about his own reputation. After all, others expected him to put Mary away secretly or even shame her publicly. Then an angel appeared and gave him God’s perspective. He was not to be afraid or react as others might have expected. The reason was simple: “That which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.”

This did not mean that Joseph understood everything that would take place. But he could be confident that God was at work and that this baby was part of His plan. Joseph had to trust God regardless of how others reacted.

This principle applies to us as well. We may experience things that we do not understand. We need to remember that God sees beyond our time and circumstances. He causes things to take place to achieve His ends. In the process, things may happen that do not seem to make sense to us. These are moments to seek God. Instead of fighting Him or reacting in the flesh, we should trust Him.

Today, be careful about reacting in the flesh to the events in your life. Ask God to give you greater sensitivity to His Spirit. Stay in tune with Him. Seek His wisdom and guidance. Trust Him, remembering that His ways are higher than yours are.