Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

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Ephrem changed the course of church history. Early in his life, this man, who died on this day in 373 AD, was forced to migrate from Mesopotamia to Edessa (in modern Turkey). There, he became a leader in the Syrian church and founded a school devoted to Bible study.

An important teacher and theologian, he wrote Bible commentaries. Today he may be remembered best for the hymns he wrote.

Ephrem believed that hymns were important tools and used music to teach Biblical principles and to counter heresies that threatened believers. He used his influence to encourage Christians to sing hymns. Even today, many Syrian Christians call him the Harp of the Holy Ghost.

He expressed some fundamental truths in the hymn, “Receive, O Lord, in Heaven Above” (based on Psalm 6). Knowing that believers faced many trials, Ephrem prayed through this hymn that God would “give us a heart all full of love and steady courage to endure.”

Ephrem knew the importance of praise and declared that God’s people would confess “Thy holy name” with their mouths and praise His grace with their tongues. He looked forward to spending eternity with God when we will praise God forever.

Today, join the saints of all ages. Sing God’s praises. Speak to other believers “in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:19). Pray with confidence! He loves you.