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Acting Boldly

by Inspiration Ministries
“He who watches the wind [waiting for all conditions to be perfect] will not sow [seed], and he who looks at the clouds will not reap [a harvest]. Ecclesiastes 11:4 AMP

It is easy to approach life with a timid spirit. Acting in faith can seem risky. How safe it can feel just to watch as events unfold. As the Bible says, to wait “for all conditions to be favorable.”

The Bible reminds us that there is a time to be cautious. There’s a time to study every situation and not act rashly. The problem is that we can develop a habit of being excessively cautious. As a result, we can live in fear, and miss out on opportunities. This excessive caution can keep us from experiencing God’s blessings.

Jesus knew we easily can be cautious or afraid, and even give up if we experience problems. One day He told his disciples a story about a widow who confronted a judge “who neither feared God nor cared about people.” The judge ignored her, but the widow would not give in. She received an answer because of her persistence. Jesus told this story to show us that we always should pray and “never give up” (Luke 18:1-7 NLT).

The Bible teaches that God did not give us a timid spirit, but a spirit that “gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7, NIV). We are reminded that God rewards people who “step out of the boat,” and act on faith. He encourages us to be persistent, to Sow Seeds constantly with the resources we have been given. “For you do not know which will prosper…either this or that” (Ecclesiastes 11:6).

In your life, ask God to give you a spirit of boldness. As He leads, put your faith into action. Practice Sowing Seeds from your time, talent, and treasure. Renew your trust in Him and believe that He will reward you as you step out in faith.


Father, help me to be more bold in my faith. I trust in You. Thank You for helping me put my faith into action. Thank You that Your promises are true. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Pray that Inspiration Ministries would have a spirit of boldness.

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