Sharp Axe

A Sharp Axe

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The man who chops wood has no doubts. He knows he needs a sharp axe. Why? Because a sharp axe increases efficiency and reduces waste. It enables him to get more done. The opposite also is true. A dull axe results in the need to work harder, a decline in productivity, and an increase in frustration.

The Bible says wisdom is like this axe. Guided by wisdom, our efforts will be more fruitful. We will be more efficient and waste less time and energy. In contrast, acting without wisdom is like chopping wood with a dull axe. We are less efficient. We waste more time and energy.

This underscores the importance of seeking God’s wisdom. Be filled with His Word. Be humble and devoted to prayer. Commit every project to Him. Be good stewards of the resources He gives you. Commit to obey Him and fulfill His goals for your life. Stay strong in the Spirit. Keep your skills sharp.

Without this kind of preparation, it can be easy to be wasteful. We can become discouraged, frustrated, worried, anxious, or afraid. But when our axe is sharp, we are prepared for challenges, ready to go into action, unafraid, effective.

Seek God for His wisdom in everything you do. Fill your mind with His Word. Put His principles into practice. Ask Him for answers to problems you face. Believe Him for the tools and strategies you need to be more effective.