A Deeper Relationship

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

During their first days of freedom from bondage, the Israelites experienced several tests. The Bible reveals that God Himself was testing them, first by seeing how they would respond to the need for water and food.

But they faced a different kind of test after arriving at Mount Sinai. There God demonstrated His presence and power through thunder and lightning flashes. How did they respond? They “trembled” and were so afraid that they didn’t want to draw closer to God. Instead, they asked Moses to speak to God on their behalf: “But let not God speak to us, or we will die.”

Moses realized that this was another test. God was offering them a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. But they were not willing.

The Lord offers each of us an opportunity to determine the kind of relationship we will have with Him. Many do not want a deeper relationship. They may be afraid, content, or just unwilling to change. Perhaps they are more committed to their destructive habits and lifestyles, or the things of this world, so they’re unwilling to dedicate their time and energy to seeking God.

But others are like Moses, willing to go up “on the mountain.” They accept God’s invitation to seek Him with their whole being and separate themselves from the ordinary and common things of this world. These people find that their lives are transformed…that God is ready to reveal deeper things…and that even their countenance changes in His presence (Exodus 34:29).

In your life, remember that God offers you a deeper and more personal experience with Him—not just ordinary, but extraordinary. Make a commitment to go deeper and seek Him more fervently.