In God We Trust
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In God We Trust

by Inspiration Ministries

Have you ever wondered what the devil thinks about? If so, you’d hear him scheme how he would never be happy until he had seized the ripest apple on the tree – you!

He would accomplish this through a slow and insidious campaign to take over our country’s churches, confuse the perception of the differences between good and evil, and create wars between families and nations — until each of these things were consumed by his deceit.

The devil would also caution against hard work and patriotism; in essence continuing to do what he has been doing for decades — placing America at a critical crossroad and putting its soul at stake.

Ancestry Doesn’t Matter to the Devil

Whether you can trace your roots to the original pilgrimage or your pilgrimage is more recent, the devil is not concerned about your ancestry. It is as a country that we have drifted far from our Godly heritage.

In fact, we’ve moved from a time when profound prayer was the norm to what we see today — the abolishment of God from schools, courthouses, and the houses of Congress.

You hold the future of this great nation in your hands — in your vote and in your prayers.

Instead of placing your focus on being politically correct, this video reminds us that America was founded by Christians; and as such, its foothold should remain planted in Christian principles.

To do anything less allows the devil to continue his campaign.

The Current Battle

We’re facing huge challenges in our country right now — unemployment, the price of gasoline, healthcare issues, national security, and more. The list goes on. But even more important than these issues is the ongoing struggle for the very soul of America.

Pray that God will grant us mercy, grace and His continued blessing — and not His judgment. Please watch this riveting video to learn more, and encourage your friends and family to watch.

Pray for God’s Victory in This Battle

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