God's Power: One Woman's Miracle Story
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God’s Power: One Woman’s Miracle Story

by Inspiration Ministries

Rose, an Inspiration Partner from the United Kingdom, saw God mightily spare her son’s life just hours after she Sowed a special Passover offering!

While watching Campmeeting and listening to the speaker teach about the Feast of Passover, Rose was urgently led by God to Sow a Passover offering into Inspiration Ministries that very day! So she immediately went to the post office and mailed her offering.

“When I returned home, my son was just about to leave the house,” she recalls. “I felt some uneasiness about him leaving and advised him to be careful. But I had no idea why I’d said this, and he looked at me a little puzzled as he left.”

Rose then fell asleep on the sofa. When she awoke later, she checked her cell phone messages. To her dismay, she had a text message that said:

“Your son has been stabbed, and he’s at the hospital!”

Instantly, she began declaring God’s promise in Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Then as she rushed to the hospital, she called family and friends and asked them to pray for her son and to stand in faith with her on this promise from God’s Word.

“When I arrived at the hospital, my son was in Intensive Care,” Rose reports. “Blood was pouring out of him, and three doctors were running around yelling, ‘He’s losing blood!’ They said he probably wouldn’t survive, but I kept praying and declaring that my son would live and not die!”

“The doctors doubted he would survive.”

Later, she learned that he’d been stabbed with a knife that missed his heart by only an inch. Yet God fulfilled His promise and answered Rose’s prayers with a wonderful miracle! Despite nearly dying, her son was released from the hospital just five days later. Then he fully recovered and has been fine ever since.

“I’m convinced this miracle occurred because of the Passover offering I had Sown into your ministry that same day!” Rose declares. “In Exodus 23, one of the specific blessings of observing the Feast of Passover is God’s protection, and He was true to His Word, protecting my son from death!”

Rose wrote to Inspiration Ministries to express her gratitude: “Thank you for obeying God to broadcast your Passover teaching at the perfect time!

Thank you, Inspiration Partners! As God is blessing you, you are helping Inspiration Ministries bless people around the world with the hope, healing, and salvation found in Christ alone.

I’d Like to Pray for Continued Miracles from God

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