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‘You Will Not Commit Suicide!’

by Inspiration Ministries

On the brink of ending her life, Sherry heard a powerful word from God that changed everything.

After years of marriage to an unsaved alcoholic, at age 34 Sherry finally left her husband. Brokenhearted and attempting to escape her pain, she became an alcoholic too.

“For 16 years, I struggled with addictions and toxic relationships with men,” Sherry says. “I also destroyed my relationships with my mother and children, and I was physically malnourished and spiritually empty.”

Finally, Sherry decided she couldn’t go on living with her overwhelming emotional pain. She called in sick to work, took some pills, and grabbed a knife to slash her wrists and end her life.

But at that decisive moment, she found herself crying out in utter desperation… “God, please help me if You can!”

Suddenly, Sherry heard a voice coming from an Inspiration Ministries television broadcast – even though she hadn’t even been aware that her TV was on.

Amazingly, the speaker said, “You will not kill yourself today!”

Sherry was dumbfounded.  “I sat straight up in bed, and the buzzing high from the amphetamine pills quickly evaporated, making it possible for me to focus my attention on the minister preaching on the screen,” she recalls.

Seeming to point directly at Sherry, the minister said again… “You will not commit suicide today because you are a precious child of the Most High God!”

Recognizing that this word was for her, she responded back and said, “Okay. I choose to live!”

Despite her decision not to kill herself, Sherry realized that she would need God’s supernatural help if she was going to overcome the many challenges in her life. She boldly asked Him, “If You want me to live, how can I face all the struggles and addictions in my life?”

To this valid question, she sensed God clearly but gently replying… “I will be with you.”

Sherry reports that the Lord has indeed walked with her in the years since that fateful day. She’s now free from addictions, and God has restored her health and her relationships with her mother and children.

“I’m grateful for the impact Inspiration Ministries and your partners have had on my life,” Sherry says. “Now the Lord is dealing with me to sow back into the Good Ground of your ministry. As God has blessed me, I want to be a blessing to others!”

As God transformed Sherry’s life, He can help you and your loved ones. Contact our faithful prayer ministers today to join you in praying for the breakthrough you need. We are here for you!

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