The True Meaning of Love
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The True Meaning of Love

by Inspiration Ministries

“I have been a Partner of your ministries since 2009. I have enjoyed your programs on TV and also enjoyed your monthly devotional magazines. Last year, I requested prayer and sent in my financial Seed to help others like me find salvation through Jesus Christ. Today, I am happy to share with you that I recently published my first book. It explores the love we hope to find in a marriage and what we believe love should encompass in a relationship.

It was inspired by the true meaning of love as determined by God. My book will soon be available to purchase and will be sold nationwide online and in stores. I am so excited! I have been blessed. I am not a writer, but God is using me to share His words with everyone who believes in Him.

I thank you so much for all the words and encouragement you gave me to make this book happen. God bless you, and I hope you will inspire many more who are lost without God. The Lord is an awesome God!”

– Lupe

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