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Seven Years of Hell

by Inspiration Ministries

Delinda’s marriage, which began with high hopes, had ended in a devastating divorce. Embittered and unmoored, she drifted away from the Lord for seven years. “I became a cocaine addict and dealer, and even abandoned my four children,” she recalls sadly. “Those were seven years of hell.”

Adding to the trauma of her addiction and family conflicts, her body rebelled against the ravages of her unhealthy life choices. “Twice I was in a coma, once my lungs collapsed, and at the age of only 35, I suffered a nearly fatal heart attack – all because of my destructive lifestyle.”

Four different doctors told her the same thing… “It’s a miracle you’re alive!”

Thankfully, Delinda’s parents and sister never gave up on her. She particularly credits the prayers of her mother for drawing her back to God, so He could deliver her from the drug addiction that was ruining her life.

The turning point came one night when the Lord once again spared her life. “The night I had the heart attack and was rushed into surgery to have a stent put in my heart, I finally realized God wasn’t going to keep sparing my life if I continued my destructive behavior,” Delinda says. “So I gave my heart to Christ and asked Him to set me free from my addictions.”

Delinda loves to testify of God’s goodness in healing her body and delivering her from drugs. Even though life hasn’t always been easy since that fateful day, she now can steadfastly proclaim, “Christ has miraculously restored hope to my life! I’m such a testimony that He can restore anyone, no matter how hopeless their life may seem.”

Delinda wrote to thank Inspiration Ministries for being there to help strengthen her in her new walk with Jesus. “Today I’m a new person,” she says. “I have my children and my health back. I’m even the leader of the praise team and youth group in my church!”

What God did for Delinda, He can do for you and your loved ones. No matter what you are struggling with, there’s hope and restoration for everyone who turns to Christ.

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