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My Chains Are Gone

by Inspiration Ministries

If ever there was a poster child for a wasted life, Jeff was it. He had dabbled in drugs by 11, and his life spiraled downward after a disabling service-related injury led to painkiller addiction. His descent escalated when methamphetamines and heroin entered the picture. Soon, Jeff became another homeless veteran statistic.

The havoc in his life enveloped others, including his parents and first-born child — who ended up living with her grandparents. Desperate thoughts of changing swirled in his mind, but the reality of bad influences and bad choices controlled his life.

When Jeff learned he was about to become a father again, a flame of hope sparked. He knew he needed true transformation, but didn’t have much hope his life could be turned around. In desperation, Jeff cried out to a God he didn’t know much about. “My parents celebrated Christmas, but we didn’t know Christ,” he explains. But God knew Jeff, and suddenly, a thunderous sound from Heaven reverberated in Jeff’s heart.

“I was sure everyone heard, too, but no acted like they had. God revealed Himself to me that day, and He showed me the destruction I had caused. I was awed by Him and broken by seeing myself clearly. At that moment, I surrendered, and Jesus took my addictions away.

“People think I’m crazy when I talk about it, but my life testifies! I was a greedy criminal, and now I contribute to the world. My changed life helped lead my parents to Jesus. I’m raising my son and helping others out of addiction. My new wife introduced me to Inspiration Ministries about four years ago. You’ve fed me every day since, and I’m so thankful!”

What God has done for Jeff, He can do for YOU! Our prayer ministers would love to agree with you in prayer for the breakthrough you need.

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