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Where Do People Go When They Die?

by Inspiration Ministries

If you’ve ever wondered if there is life after death, if there is really a Heaven and hell, or whether science can confirm the testimonies of people who’ve returned from the dead, then this riveting video will answer those questions—and more!

This must-see video is filled with true stories from celebrities including Sharon Stone, George Foreman, and many others.

You’ll also get to see:

  • Gripping deathbed visions
  • Stunning near-death experiences
  • Out-of-body encounters
  • Visits to Heaven and hell
  • And more

The people in this film are real. Their stories are real. And those who have watched it have professed that it “changed their lives.”

If you agree it’s time to have your questions answered, this film, “Where Do People Go When They Die?” should be next on your list to watch or share with family and friends!

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