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“Trust Me.”- God

by Marilynn Chadwick

Trust … It’s hard to earn and easy to lose. In our fast-paced world, dominated by social media, it’s easy to create a friendly façade – but much harder to establish and maintain trust.

The Bible talks a lot about trusting God. In fact, our entire relationship with Him is based on trust. So if we struggle with trust, we probably struggle with God. However, people have struggled with trusting the Lord ever since those fateful days in Eden.

Years ago, I was experiencing a “mother moment,” having a hard time trusting God with one of my children. Ever been there? My imagination was running wild with “what if’” scenarios, and I carried the anxiety to bed with me. I was still worrying in my sleep, when an audible voice whispered, “I can be trusted!”

Who was that? I wondered, now half-awake.

The next morning, I was reading in John’s Gospel and was struck by Jesus’ words to His disciples: “Trust in God. Trust also in Me” (John 14:1). There it was again.

I wondered, “Was that Jesus talking to me in my sleep the night before?”

A few days later, I started to worry once again. But an inner voice – this time not audible – interrupted my anxiety with a question: “When are you going to trust Me?” It was a gentle, but stern rebuke – the same tone of voice I’ve often used with my kids.

That evening I went out for a quick errand, still having a running conversation with God: “Lord, can I really trust You with these worries?”

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sign flashing in front of a small chapel: “Trust Me.” – God.

The Lord clearly has a sense of humor. Yet it really shouldn’t take an audible voice or flashing sign for us to get the message. Let’s trust Him!

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Marilynn Chadwick is the founder of Seeds of Hope, a non-profit that provides education for kids with big dreams but lacking in resources. Learn more at MarilynnChadwick.com.




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