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The Importance of God’s Word: Four Questions to Ask Yourself

by Inspiration Ministries

There’s a lot in the media these days about making a turnaround in your life. Independent of the fantastic results many of these stories promise, it’s important that you pause and do an honest assessment of whether your life is truly founded upon God’s Word before you start anticipating any results.

Can you honestly say that you’re walking in the blessings God offers to those who study and obey His Word?

If not, it might be time to ask Him to show you the areas in your life where you truly need a new beginning, opposed to the areas you perceive needing a breakthrough. There is a difference, after all. There’s God’s reality versus your personal perception (which can often be based on superficial or ego-driven needs, opposed to Biblically-based needs).

As you prepare to ask God for His divine involvement, here are four questions that you should be prepared to first answer for yourself:

1. Do you know the blessings and promises that are yours as a child of God?
If not, familiarize yourself with these Biblical promises, and thank Him for what He has given you before you ask for anything more.

2. Do you know how to come to a Covenant Relationship with God?
If not, take steps in this direction so you’re able to walk under His protection and provision every day of your life.

3. Is your life controlled more by your feelings than God’s Word?
If you answered yes, it’s time that you readjust your priorities in life, making certain that God’s Word always comes first in your life.

4. Does God’s Word shape your confidence in the future or is your perspective swayed by your present circumstances?
If you’re influenced more by your current circumstances than by God’s promise of blessing and protection, then you may not even be ready to receive Him.

The purpose in presenting these questions is not to make you feel ashamed or guilty — they’re simply meant to help you see God’s heart as it truly is and to help you draw closer into an intimate relationship with Him — through worship, the Word, and prayer.

His Word, Worship, and Prayer
If you don’t already have a daily habit of daily devotion to Him through reading the Bible, worshipping Him, or speaking to Him in prayer, there’s no better time than now to create a new habit:

  • Thank Him for His Word
  • Ask Him to reveal how you can improve your daily habits
  • Do you want to know God? Click on the button below to learn more.

I Want to Know God

God always wants to hear from you. If you would like one of our anointed prayer ministers to lead you in a prayer for spiritual growth, please use the link below to get started.

I Want to Pray for Guidance and Growth

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