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Quarantined? We Have the Cure … to Your Boredom

by John Farrell

Over the past couple of days, every time I check the news, it seems that another business has temporarily closed their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. And if they’re not shutting down, they’re reducing their operating hours and cutting staff.

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The impact has affected every business, from large nationwide retailers like Walmart (adjusted their hours) to nationwide specialty chains such as REI (closed all 162 of their retail stores until March 27) to airlines, cruises, and hotels. Many restaurants have either completely closed down or switched to takeout and delivery service only. It appears that no industry is safe until we have effectively corralled and stopped the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Unfortunately, our education system has also taken a hit with most, if not all, public school districts around the country closing for at least two weeks … some even longer. According to CNN, some states, including Florida and Kansas, have closed public schools for the remainder of the school year. In North Carolina, all seventeen campuses in the University of North Carolina system have closed and sent students home to finish their spring semesters online. This reaction to the coronavirus is more commonplace than not. As of Monday, March 16, more than 295 colleges have ditched the traditional classroom setting in favor of online instruction.

With governments at all levels urging people to practice social distancing and correct hand-washing techniques (which, in all honesty, should always be practiced, pandemic or not), the White House has asked everyone to avoid places where ten or more people would typically congregate. Unfortunately, this is a direct hit to one of our primary sources of entertainment – movie theatres.

According to a March 16 article in the Los Angeles Times, two of the nation’s largest movie theater chains, AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas, will shutter all of their locations, which is a combined 1,172 theaters. As of right now, there is no set date for their re-opening; however, the shutdown could last up to twelve weeks, if not longer.

If you’re one of the millions of people wisely staying quarantined in your home, shut off from the outside world and the deadly virus, you’re probably going stir crazy about now and desperate for some good, wholesome entertainment. Inspiration Ministries has the solution to your extended doldrums.

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While the coronavirus is creating a lot of fear and unease for everyone, take time to focus on the positive with Inspiration TV on Demand. You may find that you want to stay tuned long after your time in quarantine is over.

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