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No Longer an Outcast!

by Inspiration Ministries

Kevin was deep in the trenches of darkness when a message about sowing seed took root in his heart. He knew he wanted something different in life and hoped this might deliver it.

“At the time, I was on crack cocaine. I lost my family, my job, my transportation, and my self-respect. I was an outcast. Jesus is Lord. He reaches out to the outcast – to the homeless. He reached out to me. I thank God for his unfailing love.”

Listening to an Inspiration TV evangelist, Kevin’s spirit suddenly came to life, and he decided to sow a seed for deliverance from drugs. A few weeks later, he also responded to the altar call at a local church. He wasn’t thinking about the seed; he didn’t realize it had been exactly 58 days since he had sown $58. All he knew was that he needed to go forward.

“It was like the sound of a rushing, mighty wind that took control over me. Hands did not even have to touch me. The Holy Spirit purged me Himself. I was delivered from drugs … no 12-step program; praise God!”

Kevin goes on to say, “I believe in the power of a seed. Sow any seed the Holy Spirit tells you to sow. All through the Bible, God’s people gave to the Lord, and Jehovah Jireh provided. Today, I am a deacon at my church. God gave me a vision for a ministry I call Fishers of Men. He gave me the ministry because I have a love, a passion for fishing. I get guys together, and we go fishing. I use that time to minister to their needs and pray with them.”

The principle of seedtime and harvest has given Kevin a new hope in life. “I don’t understand why his people doubt Him when it comes to seed sowing. God restored everything I lost. He is an awesome God. I’m still sowing seed into God’s Kingdom … and it still works!”

What God did for Kevin, He can do for you! Learn how to have a relationship with God.

Visit today to sow a seed.

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