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Lillian’s Dream Gift

by Inspiration Ministries

When God came to 89-year-old Lillian in a dream, she eagerly obeyed, giving Inspiration Ministries 100% of her estate to win souls and disciple believers!

Since 1999, Lillian had partnered with David Cerullo in touching lives for Christ through Inspiration Ministries. But a few years ago, God began speaking to her about reaching the lost through her financial plan and her estate.

“The Lord made it very clear that I was to invest part of my proceeds of the sale of my house into a Charitable Gift Annuity with Inspiration Ministries,” she explains. “Ever since I did that, I’ve been extraordinarily blessed!”

Then one night, God challenged Lillian to give even more to Inspiration Ministries – in fact, everything!

“I had a vivid dream where the Lord said to me, ‘Give your estate to Inspiration Ministries,’” she recalls. “This happened not just once, but three nights in a row!”

In obedience to this instruction from God, Lillian joyfully gifted 100% of her estate to the Kingdom of God through Inspiration Ministries. She was thrilled to know her money would go to evangelism and discipleship in over 200 nations and territories, and a soul-winner’s crown would await her in Heaven.

“Both God and Inspiration Ministries have been so good to me!” Lillian gratefully says. “David and the Inspiration Ministries staff are just like family. I know God will continue to bless the fantastic work you’re doing for me and so many others.”

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