God's Love Can Change Your Life
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God’s Love Can Change Your Life

by Inspiration Ministries

The Bible tells a story in Acts 3 of a lame man who used to sit and beg outside the Temple gate. He had been lame from birth, so he really didn’t expect much change in his dismal circumstances.

There are many Christians who are in a similar predicament today. They feel “stuck” in situations or circumstances beyond their control. Are you one of them? Instead of truly entering into God’s destiny for your life, do you find yourself languishing outside the gate?

Fortunately, there can be a happy ending to your story much as there was for the lame man in the Bible. Just as God’s plan for him was to help him up, His plan is the same for you.

You see, God wants you to encounter His love so He can transform you by His power!

No matter how long you’ve been paralyzed in some area of your life—such as your health, your finances, or your relationships—God wants to lift you up today. Although you may have grown used to a life of sadness and regret, that can all can change in a moment of time.

His Word Declares His Love For You

The Bible declares that God is your loving Heavenly Father, and He wants to meet your needs and shower you with His blessings. No situation in your health, finances or relationships is too difficult for Him to remedy (Jeremiah 32:27).

If you see your Heavenly Father as He really is, your faith will grow leaps and bounds! You’ll delight in coming to Him to share your needs.

If you feel that you’ve lost your connection with God as the Father who loves you
. . . the One who beckons you to draw near . . . the Giver who wants to hear the request of your heart, simply use the link below to renew your acquaintance with Him.

I Want to Experience My New Beginning With God

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