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Give the Gift of Love to Reach the World for Christ

by Jim Buchan

When a partner from Texas started winning souls through Inspiration Ministries a decade ago, she had no idea the blessings she would gain in return.

On Christmas Eve in 2008, Arnitha first discovered Inspiration Ministries while watching a Campmeeting broadcast in her Texas home. During the airing, she realized she wanted to join Inspiration Ministries as a financial partner to touch lives for Christ.

Now after 10 years of generous giving, Arnitha looks back on how her life has been immeasurably impacted as an Inspiration Partner. She recently shared her gratitude to our Partner Relations Team for their regular calls to see how she’s doing and their prayers for any need she might have. She also shared her appreciation for their thank-you letters whenever the ministry reaches a milestone in the number of salvations.

At Inspiration Ministries, our donors are much more than their financial contributions. Through their partnership to win souls and disciple believers around the world, they become true friends of the ministry and beloved brothers or sisters in Christ.

Right from the beginning, it has clearly been a two-way partnership. This became particularly evident in 2014, when Arnitha’s world was turned upside down by the passing of her beloved husband. The Inspiration Ministries Partner Relations Team was praying for her all along the way.

A Recent Health Scare

Last year, Rob Dickson, Vice President of Partner Relations, flew to Texas to personally meet Arnitha and thank her for being a generous donor for more than a decade. She shared her gratitude for the care she has received from the Inspiration Ministries staff, and was especially thankful for the constant prayer support.

One prayer in particular has made a major impact on her life. Several months before, Arnitha had undergone neck surgery and was beginning to heal when she was struck by another car while driving. Scared and hurting, she was taken to the hospital to have her neck and back examined. While there, she received both good news and bad news.

The good news was that Arnitha’s accident didn’t do further damage to her neck. But while having the X-rays done, the doctors found something suspicious near her throat. The doctor’s preliminary diagnosis of thyroid cancer came completely out of the blue, adding another dark cloud to her previous medical concerns.

However, right at that time, Arnitha’s faith was strengthened when she received a timely call from an Inspiration Ministries prayer minister. Together, they agreed in prayer to lift this burden to the Lord.

A Great Report!

One morning a few days later, the Partner Relations Team were meeting for their weekly prayer meeting and felt compelled by God to lift up Arnitha in prayer. Little did they know, Arnitha was on her way to the doctor’s office at that very moment to find out if she truly had throat cancer.

The Lord was looking out for her that morning, and she was thrilled to receive good news. Just a short time after her visit to the doctor, she sent Rob a text message: “I just wanted you guys to know that the doctors found no cancer in my throat! Thank you for always keeping me in prayer, and I will never forget Rob’s beautiful visit.”

How You Can Help

Lost and hurting souls around the world are searching for peace and freedom. Like Arnitha, you can partner with Inspiration Ministries to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them today. This year more than two million people came to Christ through the outreach of Inspiration Ministries. You can help us reach even more in 2020!

Jesus calls us to take His Gospel of love to people of every nation. Click this button to learn how you can partner with Inspiration Ministries in shining the light this Christmas to those lost in darkness.

Give the Gift of Love

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