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Get Your Wish This Christmas with Inspiration TV on Demand

by John Farrell

This Christmas season as you and your family snuggle together on the couch in front of the TV searching through all your online streaming platforms for a family-friendly movie, don’t forget to check out Inspiration TV on Demand. In addition to documentaries, biblical teaching series, health and fitness programs, talk shows, kids’ shows, specials, originals, and much more, there is a wide selection of Christmas movies to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a new take on a classic like A Christmas Carol, a romantic comedy, or something that will tug at your heartstrings, Inspiration TV on Demand has everything you could possibly want. Below are ten of the movies you could expect to find.

With so many options to choose from, you can spend the day with your loves ones binge-watching all these wonderful movies, plus more!

  • The Borrowed Christmas Can money buy a family Christmas? John tries to borrow the perfect holiday from a rent-all store and gets more than he bargained for.
  • By God’s Grace An unexpected tragedy causes Chris to lose his family and faith. Can an unexpected visitor help save him from total self-destruction?
  • Christmas in the Smokies A family spends a fateful Christmas season fighting the odds to save their historic berry farm in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.
  • Christmas on the Coast A big-city novelist desperate to save her career returns to her small, coastal hometown hoping to find inspiration during the holidays.
  • The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland A famous model returns to her small town for the holidays and reconnects with an old friend. As sparks begin to fly, they team up to save the local Santaland festival.
  • The Gift of Christmas Christmas decorations are up and everyone is smiling, but the Barnetts worry about making everything perfect. Their meddling brings missing family members home for the holidays.
  • The Least of These A homeless single mother and her young daughter experience a life-changing miracle when they meet a storefront Santa. This Christmas story is anchored in faith and forgiveness.
  • Lucy Shimmers & the Prince of Peace Second chances start when a hardened criminal crosses paths with a precocious little girl who is helped by an angel to change hearts during the holiday season.
  • Mister Scrooge to See You A year after his life changed, Ebeneezer Scrooge is taken to 2013 to help a descendant of Jacob Marley learn the same lesson he learned.
  • The Ride: A Christmas Eve ParableThe Ride: A Christmas Eve Parable is a modern-day prodigal son story about how those who feel unlovable are worthy of love and forgiveness.

Watch these ten films and other Christmas programs anytime on Inspiration TV on Demand.

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