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Can You Earn Your Salvation?

by Inspiration Ministries

When the Spirit of God comes to live in you, there is a change that takes place — a change you may or may not be able to feel; but it’s a change people around you will be able to notice.

In Matthew 7:20, Jesus likened us to fruit trees. Just as we recognize one tree from another by its fruit and would not try to pick a fruit from thistles, God said that we would recognize His children “by their fruits.” In other words, your actions will set you apart from others!

If you’ve been saved, you received God’s amazing grace. But just because He has given you His grace doesn’t mean you should try to take advantage of His mercy!

The book of Jude talks about godless men who exchange the grace of God as a license for immorality, thus denying Jesus Christ as Lord (Jude 1:4). We cannot go around carelessly sinning because we know God will forgive us — the grace of God is by no means a license to sin!

Here’s God’s process for dealing with sin in our lives:

  • The Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin into our lives
  • We confess our sin to God
  • We repent of (or “turn away from”) the sin
  • We forget it, and so does He!

Once you have confessed your sins to God and asked Him to forgive you, it’s time to move on in the renewed power of the Holy Spirit. This is both a gift from God and your right as a believer.

 Steps to Knowing God

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