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Are You Ready for Life’s Storms?

by Inspiration Ministries

The storms of life come to everyone — believers and unbelievers.

These challenges manifest themselves as financial worries, marital problems, the death of a loved one, health concerns, or any of the many other challenges that may come your way. The question is whether or not your spiritual foundation is strong enough to help you weather them.

Jesus teaches that if you’re obedient to God’s words, you‘ll be prepared for any of life’s storms.

How do you demonstrate your obedience to Him? By spending time talking to Him!

Use these three pointers to get started in your conversation:

1.   Thank God for His mercy. Worship Him for sending His Son. Praise Him that because Jesus lives inside of you, you can have the desire, strength, and courage to obey your Heavenly Father.

2.   Make a list of the blessings you’ve received. Now use this list to repent for any of the ways you’ve rationalized God’s commands or disobeyed His Word in the course of obtaining these blessings.

3.   Now ask God to give you the desire, courage, and strength to obey Him. If you see areas where you need to take action because of past disobedience, prayerfully search your heart and ask His forgiveness.

What choices will you make today that will help you weather the storms of tomorrow? Are you willing to sacrifice a portion of your time to meet with God each day? It’s that type of obedience that He desires.

God wants you to experience intimate, heart-to-heart fellowship with Him.

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