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A Bright, Hopeful Future

by Brian Simmons

Excerpt from The Vision: 365 Days of Life-Giving Words from the Prophet Isaiah by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez

“Do not fear, for your shame is no more. Do not be embarrassed,
for you will not be disgraced. You will forget the inadequacy you
felt in your youth and will no longer remember the shame of your

Isaiah 54:4

Jesus doesn’t characterize you by your mistakes or failures. He doesn’t outline your future with ink from your past. Who you were or the struggles you still battle aren’t what give definition to your life. Only Jesus does. He has never restricted or punished you by forcing you to live in a box of shame and regret. Instead he calls you to newness and joy.

You may feel like a mess, but Jesus thinks you’re a beautiful mess. He sees you perfected and holy. He say those ugly tears of surrender are treasures worth saving. The glory he fills you with as you turn every situation over to him has nothing to do with your past. It has everything to do with your yielded heart. He sees you, beloved. He wants to clothe you with himself.

Father, I give you my brokenness. I surrender the memories from my past that have plagued me and made me feel inadequate. Instead of being embarrassed by the things I haven’t managed well, I will learn from my mistakes. I will forge ahead with you into a bright, hopeful future.

Our Omnipotent God

“Listen to me, O Jacob, Israel, whom I have called:
I am the One and Only, the First and the Last.”

Isaiah 48:12

The everlasting I AM, the immutable Jehovah, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first cause and last end of all things, is on your side. Allow that truth to sink in. There is literally nothing he cannot do. There is such power in believing this, but there is also power in unbelief. Unbelief is faith for a negative outcome.

It’s time we resist doubt like a viral, contagious plague. It is vital that we choose faith over fear and expectation over hopelessness. When God reveals his will, it initates our faith. It is meant to inspire and give us something to anchor our hope upon as we wait for his timing. He doesn’t want us to live under the weight of frustration but in hope, reminding ourselves exactly who our Omnipotent God really is.

Father, I humble myself in your presence. Forgive me for allowing doubt to exalt itself over the majestic wonder of your glory. Nothing is too hard for you. Not only are you perfect in your ways, you also love me and long to show yourself strong on my behalf.

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Dr. Brian Simmons is a passionate lover of God and the lead translator of The Passion Translation®. Brian and his wife, Candice, travel full-time as speakers and Bible teachers. Learn more at ThePassionTranslation.com





Gretchen Rodriguez has co-authored many books with Brian Simmons. She and her husband invested nine years as missionaries and make their home in California with their three daughters. Learn more at GretchenRodriguez.com





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