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44 Years of Addiction – Broken

by Inspiration Ministries

A self-described backslidden Christian, Marilyn used alcohol to hide her heartaches and help her get through life. Alcoholism reigned as king in her life for over four decades!

One evening, though, as she listened to an Inspiration Ministries broadcast, the Holy Spirit stirred her heart to respond by planting a seed in faith. Weary of the years of addiction and the broken relationships in her life, Marilyn gave to Inspiration Ministries in expectancy of her breakthrough.

Miraculous results began to pour into her life! Listening to the broadcasts and reading the materials on our website gave her the strength to allow the Holy Spirit to break the bonds of addiction. Forty-four years of alcoholism ended in weeks!

Then, nine months of bitterness and unforgiveness melted away as Marilyn and her daughter worked to restore their relationship. “My life has been transformed in so many ways! Praise God in the name of Jesus,” exclaims Marilyn.

Soon after, a child Marilyn helped raise re-established a connection with her. “My ‘God-sent child’ came back into my life after 22 years!” continues Marilyn. But God wasn’t yet done with His miracles.

Fourteen years previously – 30 years into her alcohol addiction – Marilyn’s marriage disintegrated. No hope for reconciliation remained. Yet, only four short months after her return to God and planting a seed of faith, Marilyn and her husband reconciled.

Jesus loves to heal broken relationships and broken lives – it is why He came to earth and the cross! Inspiration Ministries celebrates the work of Christ in lives and invites you to partner with us in reaching the world through media for Jesus Christ. He wants to meet your needs and help you to meet the needs of others.

Do you need to be delivered from an addiction like Marilyn? God can help you, too!

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