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Oh, How He Loves You and Me…and Them!

by Barbara Cerullo

Hello dear friend.

Usually this time of year I start thinking more than ever about the importance of my family and friends. I’m so grateful for each of my loved ones, and my appreciation always grows even stronger as I enter the holiday season.

However, this year I also find myself thinking about God’s broken heart for those who don’t have a personal relationship with Him yet. Just as we are incredibly sad whenever there’s a broken relationship in our family, that must be how the Lord feels as well.

Several years ago, Dave and I visited Turkey, and I remember being so moved with compassion for the Muslim people. I saw grandparents, parents, and children…families like mine and yours. But so many of them were still living in spiritual darkness, waiting for someone to share the Good News of Jesus with them. Dave and I spent much time crying out for God to save these precious lost ones and bring them His Kingdom.

Let’s be honest: It would be so easy to consider the people of Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and all the other Muslim nations as our enemies. How simple it would be to just hate them because of what the spirit of radical Islam has been doing in the world today.

But God LOVES them. According to John 3:16, He doesn’t want anyone to spend eternity in hell, separated from Him. Whoever believes in Him will be eternally saved and that should give us a passion to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Will You Pray with Me?

Just as Jews are the descendants of Abraham through Isaac, Arabic Muslims are Abraham’s descendants through his other son, Ishmael. And although the precious promises of God have come to us through Isaac, God loved Ishmael too and promised that a great nation would come from him (Genesis 21:1-21).

But the Muslim people are so deceived. My heart breaks as they believe Satan’s lie that God is a harsh and uncaring Judge, instead of a Papa who wants to lavish His unconditional love on them. I weep for Islamic mothers who somehow think the greatest honor their son can know is to blow up himself and others. And I’m so troubled by all the little children and grandchildren who are being taught to hate Jews and Americans. They need to meet Jesus and be transformed by His love!

As you pray for God to protect your own children and grandchildren in the shelter of His wings, will you also join me in praying for lost people throughout the world to be saved through our outreaches? The Lord is doing great things through “A Muslim Journey to Hope” muslimjourneytohope.com and our other evangelistic programs on Inspiration TV. But we long for an even greater Harvest of souls in the months and years ahead.

Even as you are praying for them, please know that I am praying for you. As you Sow your Seed for Souls this month, I hope you’ll send Dave and me your prayer requests with the enclosed response form.

Your friend on the journey,
David Sig
Barbara Cerullo is devoted to authentically sharing God’s love with women. She authors From Barbara’s Heart, where her spiritual insights, heartwarming family stories, and delightful anecdotes encourage readers with God’s faithfulness. Her husband, David, is CEO of Inspiration Ministries.

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