Melissa Henderson

Award-winning author Melissa Henderson writes inspirational messages sometimes laced with a bit of humor. With articles, devotions, and stories online and in print publications, Melissa hopes to encourage readers. Melissa is the author of “Licky the Lizard” and "Grumpy the Gator." Her passions are helping in community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon and Stephen Minister. Follow Melissa on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and at

Do You Hear Him
Listen … Do You Hear Him?

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and…

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Why Do I Feel Guilty When I Do What I Want to Do?

Guilt. A feeling we may have when we’ve done something wrong. That nagging sensation of realizing…

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Feel Guilty
I’ve Asked God to Forgive My Sins, So Why Do I Still Feel Guilty?

Have you sinned today? How many times? Ouch! What tough questions! We can all answer with a big…

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Daily Bible Reading
How Daily Bible Reading Can Grow Your Faith

Have you held a Bible in your hands today? Have you read Scripture on your phone or computer?…

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How Do I Pray to God?

Have you prayed today? Did you pray yesterday? These questions may arise during conversation in…

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Why Am I Lonely?

Why am I lonely? I look around and see people enjoying life. Yet, I feel all alone. I long to find…

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Have You Ever Said, ‘God, Please Help Me’?

“Pray. Just pray.” What happens when the words won’t come? How do you begin to pray? Rest assured.…

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Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer
Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer?

Why did Jesus have to suffer? Scripture tells of the pain and agony Jesus suffered on the cross.…

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Can God Hear My Prayers
Can God Hear My Prayers?

What happens when I pray? When I pour out my heart and soul, is God really listening? Do I have to…

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Psalm 121: The Lord Will Watch Over You

In joy and in sorrow, we can find comfort knowing God is watching over us. He is with us at every…

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